ORG Portfolio Management LLC ("ORG") is proud of its dedicated and experienced team of investment professionals. All team members operate with the highest degree of integrity and commitment to the firms's clients. ORG's investment professionals possess diverse backgrounds, including a former plan sponsor and investment consultants with a wide range of real estate experience, including acquisition, development, asset management, operations and investments. ORG professionals have more than 100 years of real estate and natural resources experience advising and collaborating with investors in the development and implementation of investment strategy.



Edward Schwartz 216-910-9080
Ed Schwartz Mr. Schwartz, a co-founder of ORG Portfolio Management, has over 25 years experience in real estate consulting.  Mr. Schwartz's responsibilities include client services, advisory firm review, portfolio strategy and manager oversight.  Mr. Schwartz serves as the lead consultant for public and private institutional retirement plans and foundations, overseeing approximately $6.5 billion of real estate assets.  Mr. Schwartz was previously a Senior Consultant with The Townsend Group, where his clients included public and corporate pension funds, Taft Hartley funds, endowments, foundations and high net worth clients.  Mr. Schwartz has been a member of The Institutional Real Estate Letter Editorial Advisory Board and is a member of Pension Real Estate Association (PREA).  Mr. Schwartz received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Kenyon College and an MBA from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, with a concentration in Finance.  Mr. Schwartz is a member of the ORG Investment Committee.

Jonathan Berns 216-910-9063
Jonanthan Berns Mr. Berns, a co-founder of ORG Portfolio Management, has been active in the real estate and consulting industry for more than 29 years.   His responsibilities include investment fund and property due diligence, market research portfolio strategy and manager oversight.  Mr. Berns is a national speaker on real estate investment strategies, urban redevelopment and energy utilization optimization and procurement.  Mr. Berns is responsible for the oversight of the ORG Diversified Real Estate Portfolio, a separate entity that owns and manages an approximately $150 million investment portfolio which includes apartment, office, retail and industrial properties.  In 1999, Mr. Berns was responsible for negotiating an investment by Nuon International, a $2 billion Dutch utility, in North Coast Energy and acted as a Consultant in the acquisition of two large research facilities located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Mr. Berns is past chairman of the First Suburbs Consortium, a nationally recognized government-led advocacy organization focused on redevelopment of urban property.  Mr. Berns received a Bachelor of Science in General Studies from the University of Michigan.  Mr. Berns is a member of Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) and the ORG Investment Committee.

Barbara McDowell, CEBS 216-910-9070
Consultant and Director Portfolio Analytics
Barbara McDowell Ms. McDowell joined ORG in 2003 and has over 25 years of experience in the institutional real estate industry. Ms. McDowell manages ORG's client reporting, performance measurement and portfolio compliance group.  Ms. McDowell is the project manager and original designer of ORG's on-line proprietary database ACRES (Automated Client Reporring System). She also serves as ORG's Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining ORG, Ms. McDowell spent 10 years with the SBC Communications Inc.'s Master Pension Trust (now known as AT&T) as Director of Real Estate and Alternative Investments. Ms. McDowell managed the Trust's real estate asset class investments, including private and public real estate and private equity. Throughout her career Ms. McDowell has been active in Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) and was a member of the Plan Sponsor Executive Council. In 2000, she chaired the Plan Sponsor PREA conference. Prior to working with the SBC Master Pension Trust, Ms. McDowell held various positions at SBC Communications Inc. in Finance, Audit and Information Systems acquiring significant experience and knowledge of compliance and audit procedures, financial reporting, investment and risk management and oversight.  Ms. McDowell also worked at a boutique equity invesmentment management company where she was responsibile for performance measurement which included GIPS Level 1 complaince reviews.  Ms. McDowell is a member of National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF). She has been a member of the Real Estate Information Standards (REIS) Council (now known as NCREIF/PREA Reporting Standards Council) and remains active in the organization's task forces. Ms. McDowell has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Houston and a designation as a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS).

Rebecca MorrisMs. Morris has been working with ORG Portfolio Management LLC since 2007 on various projects.  Ms. Morris' responsibilities include fund due diligence, manager performance monitoring, client relations and business development.  Prior to working with ORG, she worked with Impact Capital, a consortium of insurance companies, evaluating investment opportunities in private equity and real estate funds and prior to this engagement, she was the President of California Capital Alliance, which ad as it focus finding funding for businesses and infrastructure in lower income communities in California.  Prior to that Ms. Morris was the Investment Advisor to the Secretary of Trade and Commerce for the State of California where she headed a program responsible for promoting job creating infrastructure investments by private equity and real estate funds and advising on industrial development bond issues.  Prior to this appointment, Ms. Morris was a special assistant to California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi.  Ms. Morris is a member of the ORG Investment Committee.  Ms. Morris graduated from California Polytechnic University with a BS in Marketing Management and from the Anderson School at UCLA with an MBA in Finance.  She also holds a MA from the University of Leeds, England in International Business where she was a Rotary Scholar. Ms. Morris also served in the United States Army Reserves with a mission of speciality in Psychological Operations.


rachel MartinMs. Martin joined ORG in December 2014 and is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of marketing and research strategies and client initiatives. Ms. Martin works on actively gathering manager and investment opportunity information and reviewing data submissions to support ORG’s proprietary database activities. She plays in integral role in the firm’s research efforts and the development of client deliverables and marketing materials, as well as assisting with responses to requests for proposals. Ms. Martin has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Managerial Marketing from Kent State University.



Thorsen Eriksen 216-910-9072
Investment Analyst; Research and Consulting Services

Mr. Eriksen joined ORG in 2016 and is responsible for conducting research, analyzing statistical data and developing financial models for investment due diligence. In addition, Mr. Eriksen assists with evaluating real estate managers, performing asset level analytics and managing specific client research requests. Prior to joining ORG, Mr. Eriksen completed a two-year Investment Analyst program with ValStone Partners, a middle market private equity real estate fund. At ValStone, Mr. Eriksen was primarily responsible for analyzing, evaluating and monitoring investments made by the firm and its related entities. Mr. Eriksen received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance from the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University. Mr. Eriksen is a CFA Level 1 candidate.


Isabel Ciolek 216-910-9077 iciolek@orgpm
Performance Analyst

Ms. Ciolek joined ORG in 2017 and is responsible for performance measurement, performance reporting and preparing client focused special reports. In addition, Ms. Ciolek is responsible for maintaining all performance related information, including quarterly data, capital calls and distributions, in the ORG proprietary database, ACRES.  Prior to joining ORG, Ms. Ciolek worked for nine years as a performance analyst in the perfomance measurement area at Harland & Co., a financial services organization.  She also worked with client accounts and prepared quarterly client reports at Hartland. Ms. Ciolek received a Bachelor of Science from Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio and an MBA from Cleveland State University, Ohio.


Austin Mack 216-910-9071
Investment Analyst; Research and Consulting Services

Mr. Mack joined ORG in 2017 and is responsible for maintaining the information and integrity of ORG’s proprietary data base, ACRES, and assisting in evaluating real estate managers. Mr. Mack was a summer intern at ORG in 2016 where he assisted other team members in preparing client ad-hoc reports and client quarterly reports. Mr. Mack received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administrative with a concentration in Finance from Miami University, Ohio and holds a State of Ohio Real Estate License. Mr. Mack is a CFA Level 2 Candidate.


Marlene Simone 216-910-9074
Marlene Simone Ms. Simone joined ORG in 2005 with over 30 years of accounting experience.  Ms. Simone manages all internal accounting functions for the company, as well as all human resources.  In addition to managing internal functions, Ms. Simone is responsible for monitoring capital activity for several ORG clients.  Prior to joining ORG, Ms. Simone spent 30 years at Reliance Electric/Rockwell Automation as a senior financial analyst.  Ms. Simone was also responsible for creating marketing reports for the firms sales and engineering teams.  Ms. Simone received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Dyke College (now Chancellor University) in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ms. Mahran joined ORG in 2011 and is responsible for providing administrative support for the company.  Ms. Mahran's responsibilities include scheduling and calendar management, travel planning and coordination, arranging on-site and off-site meetings, and other administrative tasks.  Ms. Mahran is also responsible for assisting with communications for company principals, and maintaining projects and priorities.

Tonya Short 216-910-9064
Executive Assistant
Ms. Short joined ORG in 2014 and is responsible for providing administrative support to the company.  Prior to joining ORG, Ms. Short has 16 years experience working in support positions including budgeting, meeting planning and human resources activities.   Ms. Short received her Associate's Degree from West Hills Community College in California.

Natalie Topalovic 216.910-9065
Administrative Assistant; Consulting Services Support

Ms. Topalovic joined ORG in 2016 and provides administrative and consulting services support functions. Prior to joining ORG, Ms. Topalovic held administrative services positions. Ms. Topalovic attended Lakeland College, Ohio.